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Our Winter 2022 season is dedicated to your wellness, inside and out! Centered in our Winter Wellness Triangle, every item, herbal formula, recipe, and class this season was crafted with your immunity in mind. Join us for your healthiest Winter (and our biggest Bolt Box) ever!

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Your membership includes:

1. The Bolt Box

The Bolt Box is your toolbox for the season, full of products like handcrafted teas, luxurious candles, delicious snacks, and the best body oils delivered right to your door.

  • Thunderbolt Ayurveda Homemade Thai Ginger Hot Sauce for spicing up your winter
  • Thunderbolt Ayurveda Elderberry Elixir Herb Blend for a daily tasty immune boost
  • Lunar Logic Eye of the Flame Fire Cider to light up your metabolism with tangy, floral notes of hibiscus but overflowing with peppery spice
  • Banyan Botanicals Breathe Free Balm, an herbal alternative to that classic childhood vapor rub
  • Thunderbolt Ayurveda Winter Spice Trio: Astragalus Immunity Broth Mix, Japanese Curry, and NYE Cocktails, with recipes of course! 
  • Thunderbolt Ayurveda Mini Bag of Going Good Tea, an antiviral, anti-fungal powerhouse that also takes yummy
  • Thunderbolt Ayurveda Mullein Ear Oil to protect and soothe your auditory channels
  • Winter Wellness Triangle to guide you towards your best immunity all season long
  • An all new Winter Recipe Collection designed to keep you well all season long
  • Updated and refreshed Winter Grocery List

Estimated Ship Date: December 19th, 2022


2. Grocery List and Recipe Collection

The Collective is here to empower you with the best Recipe Collection designed specifically to transform your diet and kitchen every season.

Come cook with us!

  • 12 week-by-week recipes, so you don't have to constantly answer the question, "what's for dinner?" all on your own
  • Grocery List to get you out of your food comfort zone, limit your grocery overwhelm, and spice up your cooking life
  • Cooking videos, photos, and tutorials to match the recipes
  • Digital versions, both PDF and print-ready, of all the recipes and grocery list
  • Printed recipe cards and grocery list included in your Bolt Box

Sound good?

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3. Live Yoga Classes

One per month @ 1.5 hours

We are taking our time this season, extending our yoga classes to one and a half hours each. That’s because they are truly yoga classes, incorporating asana (movement), pranayama (breathing) and meditation. 

NEW TIME: Fridays @ 5:30pm PT

January 6th, February 3rd, February 24th

4. Live Ayurveda Classes

Three Causes of Disease

This season is all about immunity so what better topic to cover than the 3 OG causes of disease according to Ayurveda? Each of these deserves its own spacious time, so we’ll be covering one each month. After all, the best medicine is to not get sick in the first place! 

Workshop 1: Asatmendryartha samyoga - the unwholesome conjunction of the senses with the objects of their affection

Workshop 2: Prajnaparadha - crimes against wisdom

Workshop 3: Parinama - transformation due to time and motion

Sundays | 2-3pm PT

January 15th, February 12th, March 5th


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5. Community

Your membership includes a connection to a like-minded group of fellow humans trying to do their best, be their best, and have a little fun too. We provide the opportunity to engage and connect with your fellow members; you get to decide how much interaction you want. Whatever you decide, we're still here for you and with you.

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The Collective Community

The new Collective Community message board is an easily accessible spot where you can participate in discourse with your fellow Collective members.

Resource Library

Leah's favorite books, articles and videos about Ayurveda, Vedic psychology, yoga, and, of course, food!

So, are you in?

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Lina J.
San Rafael, CA
Instructional Designer

Leah and The Collective have been my anchor

Sarah K.
Asheville, NC
Research Scientist

A combination of fabulous resources, workshops, and humans

Sarah L.
Johnson City, TN
Yoga Teacher

The Collective inspires my senses and teaches me to flow with the current season